Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

17-Year-Old Black Teen Unjustifiably Shot Dead In Pennsylvania

On June, 19th a 17-year-old black teenager Antwon Rose, Jr. was unjustifiably shot dead by the police as he fled a traffic signal, late Tuesday. The police faced public controversy as hundreds of protestants took to the streets to demand punishment for the police officer.


According to the reports, the confrontation happened while the police was chasing a car with similar description to the one involved in a shooting incident in the neighbourhood town.

In the video captured by a bystander, the teen can be seen running away from the car as the police officer fired three bullets which are conjectured to have hit him in the upper body. There has been no comment from the medical team’s of yet.

In the woke of this heart breaking news, hundreds of protestants came out on the streets to demand justice for Antwon Rose, Jr. and punishment for the police officer who is responsible for the incident.

The shooting has also sparked outrage on social media platforms, where users are protesting against guns and use of violence.

A number of celebrities have also joined in to support the protest while the Civil Rights attorneys also agree that the shooting was unjustified as the teen was unarmed and posed no immediate threat to anyone.

The protestants, though forceful, are staying peaceful and carrying out the protest within limits.

The investigation of the case continues to progress, while the friends and family of Antwon Rose, Jr. are mourning his death.

He was described as a generous and promising student with a million -dollar smile who participated in charity on his off days.

On the other hand, the police officer who shot the teenager stays unnamed and has been placed on administrative leave for the duration of the investigation, as reported by the sources.

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