Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

18 Dead, 254 Injured As South Africa Train Slams Into Truck

Passengers train conflict with a truck, many injured and many died. This heartbreaking news, handpicked on Thursday. According to the witnesses, 254 passengers killed and 18 injured.


As the reporter’s this incident appears at the crossing level of Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, Smashed with a truck. Worst accident on 2018, the truck driver also injured and taken to the hospital for further treatments. Police will investigate with a truck driver later when the driver will be able to speak.

The driver of the truck tried to sprinted, but police arrested him by red handed. Minister Joe Maswanganyi responded the reporter, “he had never thought that his action that has cost multiple lives”.

The Shosholoza Meyl rail company gave the statement that the train traveling from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth conflict with truck between the towns of Henman and Kroonstad at 9 pm local time.

According to the witness, who had been traveling on the train said that “I save three women who were stuck in a burning carriage.

Some women screaming and their legs were stuck with each other. Some of them are died in front of me, this sorrowful incident never forgettable”.

The Shosholoza Meyl rail company, who operates the train’s system said the statement that, “the truck tried to cross the tracks with acceleration when it was bump by train at high speed”.

Some of the victims who were in critical condition been treated by hospital and the other dead bodies took to their grave.

Maswangany replied that, “the death toll could increase because it was body bags that were being counted, not necessarily people’s bodies. The body bags contain body parts remains which are then sent to a lab and rearranged into full bodies”.

The board of inquiry will find the cause of the accident, with the aim of preventing future incident. And they gave the emergency number to the victim’s family to find their loves ones.

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