Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, And Photos

If you think modern full sized pickup trucks are big and dumb, you are only partly right. While this F-150 might be big but it is not dumb. Ford has just approached this generation F-150 as a test bed, its switching bed and cabs construction from steel to light-weight aluminum which can be helping to fuel economy and performance.


Well inside this aluminum body is a serious functional cabin. The seats are more comfortable and the armrests are well positioned.

Even though there is a lot of door storage space and a really bit huge space in the center console. On the up-front there is a couple of itemized spots with more space, yet another storage bin.

The F-150 is like a little loft in which you do your work easily and you can live in there too. People can specified their F-150 in a regular super cab.

They said it’s like a super crew in which they carrying many people and this good thing for those who belongs to a very big family.

However, there is a legroom space which is outstanding a flat floor means sitting in the middle position is not a punishment anymore and easy flip up seats means you can easily store your gear safely inside the seats. They have channels which looks like expertly crafted to carry.

Moreover it has the basic XL trim which comes to drenched to clean plastic and those cool and massaging seats are amazingly relax able.

The super crew F-150 offers bed lengths of five and a half and six and a half feet perfectly functional space to haul stuff but a damp tailgate does not come standard.

Also the optional tailgate step to make it easier to step up or step out without any disturbance.

For easy bed loading check the option sheet and you will find pop-out side steps, loading ramps, a bed divider and a damped remote to release tailgate with a step.

Although F-150 ride quality is good and the brakes feel comfortable. Outward visibility is good in all directions.

Aa slowing steering ratio and wide turning circle makes a great challenge but if you have got the dough option the aspects of driving is much easier.

There is a 360 degree camera system in it for parking and an automatic parking assist for effortless parking. On top of that there is a full range cruise control.

Lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring and yes! Standard on all engines is a full saving automatic engine start/stop system.

F-150 whose wide track, high output 3.5 liter Eco boost V6 and Baja-worthy suspension enable to unsurpassed those off-roads thrills.

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