Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

23 Injured After Volcano Sends Lava Bomb Onto A Tour Boat

A lava bomb burst into explosion after striking a boat of tourists in Hawaii on Monday morning, leaving almost 23 people wounded.


The boat carried people which were on a tour to view lava rising from Hawaii’s long-active volcano and flowing into the ocean, according to the authorities.

Reportedly, the volcano had been ejecting lava since the start of May which also affected many residential areas in Hawaii. According to United States Geological Survey, the volcano, which is known as Kilauea, was still active on Sunday.

The affected boat was off Hawaii’s eastern coast when it received, as officials call it, the volcano’s basketball-sized ‘lava-bombshell ‘. The bomb tore the roof of the boat, leaving a big hole in it.

According to a person who witnessed the boat returning to the shore, the affected tour boat was completely covered with rocks and people exiting the boat had burns and injuries on their bodies, especially their legs.

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency, 23 people aboard were injured, ambulances took four of them to Hilo Medical Center for treatment.

As the Hawaii County Fire Department said, a female in her 20s was seriously wounded with a fractured thigh bone.

She was among the ones taken to hospital. The remaining three people were not in a much worrying condition as they faced minor injuries. Remaining travellers endured burns, minor cuts and scratches.

Some photos taken by reporters show a large hole in the metal roof of the boat. One of the Lava Ocean Tours female workers verified that the affected boat was the property of the company and refused to tell more about it.

Different videos on social media show the massive eruption of lava bomb in the air. 49 people were aboard the sightseeing boat at the time but luckily only few were injured.

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