Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2018

3 Things To Consider While Choosing Structured Settlement Buyers

Structured settlements annuity is a form of retirement plan which people buy in order to facilitate their old age and receive a specific amount of cash every month for their expenditure.


However, emergencies can happen all the time and if you suddenly find yourself in a financial pinch where you require a lump sum of money at once, monthly instalments are useless. In this case, you can consider selling your cash annuity to structured settlement buyers.

However, that is easier said than done. There are numerous structured settlement buyers available in the market who are offering various prices to buy your structured settlement plan and each within a different range.

It is important to not become blinded with the high amounts being offered and choose an appropriate option while keeping your feet on the ground. Here are a few things you should consider while selling your cash annuity to structured settlement buyers.

The amount of Cash Offered
Since you are selling your annuity because you need a lump sum of money immediately, your first consideration should be to look at the prices.

It is better if you shop around for various buyers and settle for an adequate price. Don’t go overboard with the selling price because it can turn out to be a scam and you can loose your money all at once.

Time of Transaction
It is likely that you are selling your structured settlements annuity in an emergency and need the money immediately. Go for buyers who are ready to process the lump sum and complete the legal procedures within the shortest time.

Inspect the Buyer
There is no end to the number of structured settlement buyers in the market. Your job, as a seller, is to investigate them before contacting them.

Make sure to check for their authenticity and refer to Better Business Bureau for their certificates as all investors are required to register with BBB before staring their operation.

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