Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

3,000 Mcdonald’s Outlets Remove Salads From Menu After Disease Attacks Heaps

3,000 McDonald franchises of 14 states have removed salads from their menu following the recent spread of an intestinal disease which is said to be connected to McDonald’s salads which made many people ill.


The spread of the cyclospora parasite is currently being investigated by the health departments of the infected states.

It is said to be connected to McDonald’s salads as one-fourth of the people sickened with cyclosporiasis reported eating McDonald’s salads before they got sick. Cases started reporting in the middle of May.

As the Department of Public Health Illinois stated, 100 people have been infected with cyclosporiasis in Illinois.

On Thursday, Iowa’s health department stated that 15 people in Iowa became sick with the illness in the end of June and start of July.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials stated on Friday that 61 people of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin, who had eaten McDonald’s salads, have been sickened by the parasite. Two of them have been hospitalized with no deaths reported.

According to the Food and Drug administration, cyclosporiasis is marked with the symptoms of regular bowel movements, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea and also diarrhea. Other symptoms include vomiting, headache, stomachache etc. The cyclospora parasite, responsible for the illness can easily contaminate food and water.

Currently, 3000 McDonald outlets have stopped selling the salads until they can find a new supplier and are cooperating with the FDA to recognise the ingredients which are making people ill.

The 14 states include Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri.

As far as the treatment of cyclosporiasis is concerned, the illness can be wiped out completely by the treatment with sulfa drugs.

CDC also says that those who have an effective and strong immune systems can recover easily even without treatment.

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