Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

39 Servicemen Killed In A Russian Plane Crash In Syria

A Russian military cargo plane has crashed on 6 March in Syria, killed all 39 Russian servicemen on board that appears to be a blow in Russian operations in Western Asian nation. On other side, the Russian military rapidly persisted that the crashed occurred just because of a technical error in plane.  


Nonetheless, bombing has shot dead a number of people close to militant-controlled eastern communes of Damascus over the previous 24 hours as the President Bashar Assad‘s government play crucial role backing of the Russian army aiming to remove the complete hold of Islamist militants from towns in Damascus.

With that said, International aid workers carrying a rare humanitarian assignment inside the seized region that reported to be dramatic scenes of rescuers who were seen struggling to pull out the dead bodies from debris of constructions and kids who had not spotted since previous weeks.

According to latest reports, the mission on 5 March to the area recognized as eastern Ghouta was interrupted after the bombing by government forces even though the aid suppliers were also inside to deliver possible help to those are suffering bad condition in the encircled region.

If opposition activists and conflict observers’ reports are to be believed, 80 people have killed on Monday is considered deadliest day as of the U.N. Security Council appealing for 30 days cease-fire for Syria, while nine were also shot dead on next day.

On other side, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been urging for days to all groups in Syria to agree for implement of a cease-fire in the country.

To provide aid to those who are undergoing painful circumstances as convoys are on way waiting for truce approval. There are so many victims are keeping eyes on United Nation to receive all required goods as well as medical facilities.

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