Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

5 Businesses in India Pushing Boundaries in 2019

Companies in India are fighting back against oppression and creating new ways to create a better future for its people.

India is poised to be a world leader in many ways in the upcoming years. With burgeoning e-commerce, a booming population, and rapidly expanding economy, India is emerging as a superpower. In 2019, India is embracing this reality and proving to be a forward-thinking country and a true innovator. A few rising stars in India’s business sector are hoping to use this upward trajectory to create a better future for its inhabitants as well. From companies that promote women in a largely male dominated world, to improving access for sex toys in India, these inspiring businesses are taking the world by storm.

India has suffered through decades of a conservative colonialism inspired mindset, and business leaders are pressing for that to change. Promoting self-sufficiency, civic pride, and personal liberation, these five companies are empowering India to create change and embrace the future. Even if it means rubbing some outdated policies the wrong way.

Adult Products India

Adult Products India is shedding much needed light on the previously dark corners of the bedroom. In a country that is currently undergoing an awakening after decades of sexual repression, this website services people from all over the country. They are breaking new ground in the world of how people look at intimacy and sex toys in India. Encouraging people to “freely express their sexuality without law makers telling them what to enjoy and how to enjoy it”. The company sells hundreds of types of fun accompaniments to enhance the sexual experience for everyone.

The Ugly Indian

India is not known for its cleanliness or eco-friendly habits. Certain parts of the country are so severely polluted that it’s causing concern even outside of the country’s borders. Poor air quality, trash filled streets, and dilapidated buildings are common, even in the most affluent cities. In a TEDx talk, an anonymous Indian urged his communities to take charge of this problem without the help of the country’s government. Using creative techniques and community support systems to address these glaring issues. The Ugly Indian functions under the credo that “a beautiful space commands respect”, and through creating beautiful spaces with little money and locally sourced materials, they are fighting India’s filth problem one area at a time.

EM3 AgriServices

In an effort to support local agriculture and give small startups a fighting chance in a world dominated by globalization, EM3 AgriServices brings expensive technology back into the community’s hands. Small-scale farmers can rent large equipment for reasonable prices that allow them to increase their overall productivity, without creating unrealistic overhead. EM3 has even involved local governments to ensure that they are available to anyone who could use them. They offer their services via an app, as well as a human represented call center, making them accessible to just about everyone. EM3 has also been able to pair itself with big names in Agribusiness, like John Deere, to provide much needed technical support.


There’s no question that the world is faced with innumerable problems that are not only difficult to deal with, but also seem hopeless to solve. The Indian company SDGZ3 is hoping to help solve some of these worldwide crises while promoting youth education: giving the world’s most intractable problems to the minds of children and teens. The community teaches children to think critically and methodically while creating fresh ideas for stagnant conundrums.


The normalization of sex toys in India aren’t the only way that the country is empowering it’s women. Sheroesis a community platform that is helping women find jobs and hone skills. They also promote empowerment and offer occupational programs to fight harassment and change the gender narrative of an overwhelmingly male dominated country. You can reach the community via their website, or the app. Making it simple for women from all over India to unite and be heard. They even have discussion groups about relationships, sexuality, health, gendism, diversity, and a number of different topics aimed at increasing awareness and providing a safe space to share and grow.

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