Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

5 Places to Hold a Corporate Event in Toronto

The corporate world is full of events. Typically, these events have a particular purpose like appreciating your employee, launching a new product, or even just a retreat. Whatever the purpose of the corporate event, it is good to know that popevents is always the right place to kick off the planning of your event in Toronto. Depending on the size of your team, you can always find the right space for your activities. Some of the famous places known for hosting corporate events in Toronto include;

The one eighty

Standing at 51 floors above the ground, this is one of the most popular spots in Toronto. It is known to have hosted some historical events plus some of the world NBA celebrities have spent some time here. With great bar services and cuisine, a corporate event should be perfect. Not only will the employees have a new perspective of things, but they will also have the chance to take in the incredible ambiance of this place.

Loft 404

Professionals usually are used to the regular furniture they see in their homes and workplaces since those are where they spend most of their time. As a way to break this monotony, The Loft 404 is designed in such a way that will brighten up your day. With organized colors selected for furniture and walls, this is one place that will correctly host a corporate event. Additionally, it is easily accessible since it is located in the downtown core.

Pursuit obstacle course

This is the right spot for a corporation that is looking to promote teamwork through physical team bonding experience. This indoor fitness based obstacle course is designed for adults and has been used to host several corporate bonding events. Apart from the hard obstacle part, there is also a sink ball pit for adults which will refresh your memory while allowing you to share the moment with your co-workers.

The Ballroom

Some of the coworker’s best relationships are built in a balling alley. At the ballroom, there is even a private option for special groups like corporate. This way, coworkers are given time to bawl against each other in an environment that they are not used to. Additionally, there are other games like pool not forgetting the fantastic delicacies available in this place.

Blue mountain resort

This is the right place for an office retreat. Located a few minutes away from Toronto, this resort has a spacious boardroom with a modern touch. It also has a nice restaurant and enough space for outdoor activities like games. Additionally, there are fun things to do while here including hiking and skiing. If you are into spas, then you will find some of the best ones here.


You should know that Toronto offers some of the world-class corporate event services to clients and employees. While these events tend to cost more those who know can tell you that these activities are essential and have a direct impact on your productivity. Additionally, when having an event, it is crucial that you invest enough time to find the right place.

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