Published On: Mon, Feb 18th, 2019

5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring can serve as a symbol that you have found the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean that your ring needs to stay the same over the years.

Your tastes can change as time goes by. Or, perhaps you didn’t have the funds to get exactly the ring you wanted when you were first engaged. Regardless of the reason, there are some easy ways you can upgrade your engagement ring today:

Add a Stackable Band

Adding a new band to your engagement ring is the easiest way to upgrade your ring. You can pick out a new band that compliments your existing ring, in exactly the style that you want. Plain bands or bands filled with inset stones can make a striking addition to the look of your engagement ring, without changing the ring itself.

Get Creative with the Band

Some people discover the band of their engagement ring may not fit perfectly as time passes. You can take the opportunity to get your band resized. Jewelers can alsorefinish the band to change the entire look of your ring. You can shift to a brand-new look by refinishing with:

·White Gold

·Rose Gold


This simple change can completely upgrade your engagement ring.

Pick Out a New Stone

You can also upgrade the stones in your engagement ring. A jeweler can change the stones already in your ring, exchanging for something that you find more appealing. When selecting a new stone, make sure that you keep in mind the4Cs of diamonds:

  • ·Cut
  • ·Color
  • ·Clarity
  • ·Carat Weight

You should also focus on diamond symmetry, which deals with the arrangement of the facets in your new stone. Picking out a new stone can even allow you to change the cut of your diamond. You can explore all your options as you upgrade your ring.

Add Shine by Adding Diamonds

You may not want to swap the diamond you have in your engagement ring, while still wanting to increase the shine and luster of your ring. You can think about upgrading your look by selecting a pair of smaller diamonds to add to the side of your current stone.

Your ring can be even more eye-catching if you add different stones. Rubies, sapphires, or emeralds can snag the attention of everyone in a room when they’re paired with a shining diamond.

Consider a Diamond Halo for Your Ring

A halo of small diamonds around the center stone of your ring can look stunning. Halos are typically less costly than buying one large stone, which can allow you to upgrade your ring without breaking the bank. Each stone can glitter on your finger, completely revamping your engagement ring.

Upgrading your engagement ring can be as simple as swapping a stone or it can involve refinishing the band for a completely new look. You can get creative with your engagement ring upgrade, to get the ring that you truly want. Focus on these five ways you can upgrade your engagement ring when it’s time for a change!

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