Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

After Hitting Iranian Sites Israeli Fighter Jet Shot Down Under Syrian Anti-Craft Fire, Military Says

Israeli fighter jet has shot down by Syrian anti craft fire after striking Iranian suspect sites from which missiles were fired to Northern Israel while the two pilots ejected safely and they are transferred to hospital as military confirmed.


F-16 fighter jet crashed on Saturday near the Israeli village of Harduf while it is reported by Syrian officials that they shot down the Israeli fighter as its military base was in the range of Jet’s striking.

In response of regression the anti craft gun fired on Israeli fighter plane and it crashed in northern of country as confirmed by Israeli military.

Israel Defense Forces targeted the Iranian sited in Syria while within the limits of Syrian military base while it is reported by IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus.

After crash down that Israel hit the Iranian those targets from which a drone attack was made in Northern of Israel and Jet is shot down by Syrian military air craft gun fire.

The defense spokesperson stated on Twitter that Israel targeted the suspected sites in the central region of Syria while according to the Syrian news agency that more than one Israeli jet fighters struck by air defenses guns.

And other side this news has denied by Israel that all jets returned to home safely except one which crashed in Israeli area.

According to the Israeli officials that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with the security consultants and they will take all the necessarily actions against these following incidents while may be the relationships between Syria and Israel will go to worse.

Two pilots have ejected from fighter jet plane while they have transferred to hospital and military is said that plan crashed in northern Israel near village Harduf.

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