Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

After Rocket Fire At Ashkelon, Israel Army Hits Hamas Gaza In Retaliation

In retaliation of shot down missiles at Ashkelon by IDF, the Israeli airforce hit the Gaza with a missile, three have wounded, and army arrested some senior members of Hamas as Gaza officials told and the attack occupied by Palestinians.


The situation in Palestine is now worse because in the reaction of Trump’s statement that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel as they set their government power in there.

Israeli troops have started the mission to make space in the Jerusalem while according to military officials that a rocket was fired from Gaza towards southern Israel on Tuesday.

The Israeli military responded on the rocket fire from Gaza on Tuesday toward south, while on Wednesday it is reported that Israel hit the Hamas compounds in southern Gaza.

Three injuries are reported while the officials of military told that some senior commanders have been arrested from Hamas area.

In recent days, US president Donald Trump released a controversial statement that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel as they set their government power in that city.

He has ordered to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem and this has damaged the peace process in Palestine and Israel.

Muslim leaders responded in an anger way, the Turkey’s leader Erdogan called the Israel as terrorist state as they are killing the citizens of Palestine.

The clashes between troops and people have started in response of that statement and Muslim countries condemned this act in strong way.

Many Muslim countries are going to cut down their relations with Israel as Turkey has announced in recent days, in reaction of this statement to move the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The Gaza fighters are attacking On Israel and on Wednesday the airforce hit the Hamas.

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