Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

After UN Sanctions, North Korea Fires A Missile Over Japan As Tensions Raised

North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile over northern Island of Japan on Friday, this was done after UN sanctions that were imposed on the country and Pyongyang’s act has criticized by everyone because due to this has increased the tensions.

According to Japanese secretary general the missile was launched on Friday over Japanese Northern Island at 6:57am local time, this act is called as evil work by the neighbor countries.

While on Monday UN Security Council imposed the new sanctions over Pyongyang which is the cause of their anger and they have already warned the Japan for attack.

The statement came from the that the ballistic missile was launched earlier on Friday, it flew over the northern Island Hokkaido while the missile fell down in Pacific Ocean about 2,000 km east of Cape Erimo at 7:16am and it is said that this is extreme case of violation of rules by the North Korea.

Many of times North Korea has violated the peace rules, in previous days, according to media that Pyongyang has made a successful test of most powerful nuclear missile which is called as hydrogen bomb and according to experts.

This bomb is 16 times more dangerous than that attack which was made in Hiroshima by America.

While South Korea stated that ballistic missile was at maximum altitude of 770km, it travelled over Japan about 3700 KM.

The US condemn the missile launch, earlier after imposing sanctions on Pyongyang, Donald Trump said that North Korea would face more tougher sanctions.

Pyongyang is showing their anger over the sanctions that was imposed by as earlier General Secretary of the country has said that North Korea will develop their weapons with more speed and they will move forward with these sanctions that are illegal and evil.

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