Published On: Sat, Sep 16th, 2017

An 18 Year Old Suspect Arrested By London Police, Involved In Parsons Attack

18 year old suspect arrested by the London police in Dover area under the terrorism act, police investigating the case as he has found involved in attack at Parsons Green underground train station and dozens of passengers have injured.

Kent police has arrested the suspect on Saturday Morning from port area of Dover, it is said that 18 year old man is found to be involved in train tube attack which has injured many people.

The attack occurred on Friday morning at Parsons Train station and many passengers have burnt while the suspect will transfer to London police.

After the attack on Friday morning, it was claimed that this blast is made by the terrorist groups, while they have started their investigation from last day and according to the Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu that they have got a big achievement as a suspect is in the custody of the police which is involved in the case.

On Friday morning, blast occurred at time of rush hour, there was a huge gathering of passengers, the explosion occurred in the carriage.

While according to one passenger that people were running away from the station as they were looking depressed, on that moment no reasons found but now it is claimed that Islamist group is behind this attack.

President of the London has ordered to army to sent troops on the streets and army has deployed their officers on the key points as well as at the sensitive locations, the city is under fear as Islamist group claimed the responsibility for attack.

Due to the attack at least 29 people have injured while police has arrested an 18 year old suspect but denied to give any further information about that man due to security reasons.

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