Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2018

Another 97 Victims Suspected In Death Toll For German Serial Killer Nurse

The German serial killer suspected in another 97 killings while she is already sentenced due to killing patients by injecting the drugs into bodies and six people died earlier as reported and is she found killer in another suspects then the nurse will be most productive killer in history of Germany.


Niels Högel was serving in the German hospital where she killed about six people by injecting drugs into bodies while she later tried to revive their lives, but according to police that she found involved in killed another 97 suspects which has taken a serious situation and this will be the unique way of killing the patients.

The Nurse is still sentenced in jail due to killing her patients with drugs injection, while according to the police officials that she is found involved in murdering of 97 another suspects in the northern German city of Oldenburg and on Monday she was charged in murder counts while the former nurse is in the custody.

According to the Nurse Niels that she had killed about six people in the hospital where she used the drugs which caused the heart failure while she did all these things to impress her colleagues and after injecting drugs into patient bodies, she tried to revive them but failed and all those six reported patients died.

Police investigator Arne Schmidt reported on Monday that the former nurse found involve in another 97 murders suspect in northern German city, she was charged in killing six people with injecting drugs and now with other murder counts, if she is found involve in these another killing then this will be the most deadly serial killing act in the history of German and this will be unique way of killing people.

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