Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

Arab Coalition Claims, Iran Supplies Missile To Yemen Attack On Saudi Arabia

On Monday, the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has claimed that the missiles were attacked by the Houthi rebels on Saudi Arabian cities, having features of weapons designed close to Tehran, is discovered after investigating the wreckage of arms.


The Arab coalition stormed the Iranian regime by accusing of providing sophisticated armaments and ballistic missiles to the Houthi militias, just want to damage regional security of Saudi land.

However, members of the Saudi-led military alliance along with ambassadors of friendly nations, attended a news conference held on late hours of 26 March, while during the discussions Col.

Turki Al-Maliki, who is coalition spokesman, showed off the wreckage of the Houthi missiles were fired aimed to target Riyadh.

It is said after forensic analysis of the debris of the missiles that shows the arms were manufactured in Iran and supplied to the Houthi rebels.

Col. Turki Al-Maliki also explained during his truth-unveiling presentation, Iran smuggled missiles to Yemen based rebels who used these deadliest weapons to hit locations in Saudi Arabia, fortunately were destroyed with the help of coalition forces.

Those missiles were fired by Houthi rebels, 78 percent of 104 ballistic missiles were launched from Saadah and north of Amran areas, located in Yemen, Al-Maliki added more, and the Houthi militants have taken control of Sanaa airport to release missile attacks on Saudi region.

Al-Maliki made public some details regarding the missile attacks by talking to media reporters just a day after of attacking, seven ballistic missiles having the fingerprint of the Iranian regime were shoot by rebels to target not only single location but more than one.

The rebels from Yemen, launched missiles toward Najran, Khamis Mushayt, Riyadh and also targeted two targeted Jazan, while these deadliest arms were launched to destroy residential areas of Riyadh, left    one Egyptian civilian worker dead and other two injured.

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