Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

As A Part Of Olympic Delegation, Kim Jong Sends His Sister To South Korea

The South’s Unification Ministry reported that North Korean Supreme leader Kim has decided to send his youngest sister with a close advisor as a part of high level delegation in South Korea to Winter Olympics.


It is reported by officials that the name of the Kim Yo Jong included in the officials of Olympic delegation before crossing the border on Friday.

Kim Jong UN is sending his sister to Seoul for the Winter Games along a Kim’s advisor and it is confirmed by the ministry of Unification on Wednesday.

If she will visit the South Korea then it would be first time that the first member of North Korea’s ruling family who will go to Seoul.

This will show that in real sense Kim Jong UN government is serious about to make the relations better with South Korea and this will improve the ties with the progressive government.

North Korea authorities had announced earlier that the government will send the North Korea’s head of state Kim Yong Nam.

While he is a part of 22 members of high delegation to Winter Games and they will participate in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games while there were speculations that Kim Jong UN will send his youngest sister to South Korea.

While on other hand, the Moon Jae-in’s government has showed their support to United States to use the military options against North Korea .

But now it looks like that neighbor countries are coming close to each other due to Winter Games while US is increasing pressure on Kim Jong UN.

In the delegation members, people are included from sports industry, government who will participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening ceremony and Kim Jong UN’s sister is going to Seoul.

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