Published On: Sat, Nov 25th, 2017

At Least 11 Dead And More Than 21 Injured In Black Sea Resort in Georgia’s Hotel Fire

At least eleven have dead while more than 21 are injured as fire picked the luxury Leograd hotel in Georgia in a Black Sea resort on Friday evening as officials said.

At Least 11 Dead And More Than 21 Injured In Black Sea Resort in Georgia's Hotel Fire.jpg

The interior ministry said that the fire erupted on Friday evening at the Leograd luxury hotel while at that time the participants of Miss Georgia 2017 beauty pageant were taking the dinner and dozens have injured.

There are twenty participants of Miss Georgia were having the diner in hotel when the fire goes up while according to reports all of them are safe as they escaped at that time when fire erupted hotel.

According to the Georgian Interior Ministry reports that due to the fire in Georgia’s luxury hotel more than 21 people have injured which are transferred to nearby hospitals.

While according to reports at least 11 have dead and at that time when fire erupted hotel, 100 other people were in the Leograd hotel on Friday evening.

To know the reasons of fire, the investigation has been started by the Georgia’s police while the reports say that there was one Israeli while twelve were the Turkish nationals who received the injuries and all of them have sent to nearby health units.

The regional health minister Zaal Mikeladze said that the fire erupted at the 22-storey Leograd Hotel as well as in the casino.

The people who have died because of inhaling the fumes and according to officials that 110 people have evacuated I emergency services.

The emergency teams have arrived on the incident place while the initial reports say that due to fire in Black sea resort at least 11 people have dead and dozens are injured while the reasons of the fire erupted are still unknown.

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