Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

At Least 4 Dead, Hundreds Injured As Protests Hit Second Week Over Jerusalem

At least 4 have dead, hundreds have injured as protests entered in second week over Jerusalem as US president has announced that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel and clashes between Palestinians and military have started.


Muslim countries have strongly condemned this announcement that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel which is against the laws, it is said by White House that Israel has set their government power in Jerusalem and in protests from civilians in country at least four people have dead while hundreds of protestors are injured.

In recent days, United States president announced the Jerusalem will recognized as capital of Israel which has spread the anger in the Muslim country in all over the world while in clashes many protestors have injured.

Israeli troops have entered into the Jerusalem to take the control but people of state in front of them as they are against this announcement.

According to reports that a huge protest was taken in the West Bank and Gaza where during clashes between Israeli troops and people of Jerusalem.

At least four people were killed by military and hundreds of protestors are injured over Jerusalem’s capital decision.

In recent days, during Organization Islamic conference it was cleared to whole world that Jerusalem is the part of Muslim’s faith which will be never beard that it is given to another country.

Jerusalem will be recognized as the capital of Palestine not as capital of Israel.It is reported that in many cities in West banks, about 2,500 Palestinians protested on Friday as they burned tires on roads and used the firebombs on the Israel troops, while along the security force of Gaza about 3,500 people were clashed with military and in results at least four have dead.

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