Published On: Mon, Jan 15th, 2018

At Least 70 People Injured In Indonesian Stock Exchange Lobby Floor Collapse

A mezzanine floor has collapsed on Monday at Indonesian Stock Exchange which results in at least 70 people have injured including students, police covered the area and the ceiling of the Jakarta Stock Exchange fell down.


In the collapse incident of Jakarta stock exchange, dozens of people have injured which has spread the fear among people.

In wounded people students are included in that numbers as they were in Indonesian stock exchange for the purpose of visit and they were all taken outside on the stretchers due to serious injuries.

According to reports the ceiling of the exchange feel down on Monday when there was huge number of people in the floor lobby while it is said by the officials that the metal structure collapsed near the entrance which resulted in serious injuries and police arrived on the spot to take the control of this situation.

The complex is now covered by the city police while according to the National police spokesman Setyo Wasisto that floor of mezzanine lobby has collapsed due to which people receive injuries and on the other hand the wounded people have transferred to nearby hospitals.

According to the director of Stock Exchange that he is confirmed that there is no death in result of this collapse but injures occurred and on other side the Vindy, a personal assistant to the exchange’s president director, Tito Sulistio said that the second floor of the building is collapsed.

According to an eye witness that slabs of the concrete were falling when she was in there near the lobby, students were also there in the stock exchange building who were on a visit while they were taken on stretcher outside of building and no death is recorded in result of this collapse.

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