Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

Belgium Blast: At Least 20 Injured Due To Antwerp Explosion, Collapsed Building

In Belgium’s northern port town of Antwerp three adjacent building collapsed and in result of this explosion at least 20 people have been injured as police reported and some people are under the rubble while seven of them rescued.


The police reported on Monday that due to Belgium adjacent three buildings explosion, dozens of people wounded while most of them received slight injuries.

In the town of Antwerp the officials rescued the seven people who were under the rubble as police reported on late Monday in a statement.

According to a Antwerp police spokesman Wouter Bruyns that there about 10 causalities where 20 is the maximum number while most of them are now saved.

Maximum number of people received slight injuries, and it is reported by police that this blast is not part of any terrorist attack which took place in town of Antwerp in the north of Belgium.

It is reported by the authorities that one building has collapsed totally while no death is confirmed till now, at least twenty people are injured in result of three adjacent building collapses on late evening and the rescue workers were trying to save the people who were under the rubble in midnight.

Antwerp police reported on late Monday that the explosion is not the part of any terror attack because this blast is occurred due to the three adjacent buildings collapse due to which causalities occurred which are maximum in 20 numbers and more of them are in safe condition.

Rescue teams survived seven people from the rubble; police arrived on the situation while they are investigating the cause of this explosion which is due to collapse of buildings and the rescue workers are still in search of wound people under rubble at midnight.

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