Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Bernie Sanders Wishes For Congress To Halt US Support For Yemen War

On Wednesday, a Bipartisan Group of senators has made public that legislation has been decided to halt United States support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, latest American media updates.


Nevertheless, then latest resolution comes from I-Vt.; Chris Murphy, Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Chris Murphy and Mike Lee, R-Utah, these senators are on way to use the War Powers Act of 1973 (a Vietnam War-era law).

That makes limited the power of president to gross war devoid of congressional approval, to illegal the U.S. from a campaign that has taken responsibility of high-scale hunger and thousands of civilian lives.

The United States army is providing vital support to the Saudi-led attacks into Yemen, while the Saudi Arabia started its violence campaign in March 2015,

Deciding to re-establish the power of former president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi. However, a Zaidi Shiite rebel group usually known as the Houthis removed the former Yemen president in 2014.

The United State has been supporting the Saudi-led campaign for about three years by supplying weapons, mid-air refueling backing for Saudi warplanes, and targeting intelligence.

Although neither previous president of United States the Barack Obama nor current Trump administration has officially clarified the reason behind US role in the clash in Yemen.

The Sanders-Lee resolution calls for that United States to halt its backing for the Saudi-led involvement, while American forces still have the authorization to target militants belonging to Al Qaeda in Yemen.

While latest resolution from a Bipartisan Group of senators, based on the War Powers Act that needs the country president to take out forces from hostilities after 60 days time limit except Congress openly gives permission continued action.

The resolution is about to unveil in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee following Senate rules, the supports can emphasize on the floor after 10 days.

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