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Top 10 Best Black Sand Beaches In The World 2019

People are always in the search of something unique, something different. Tourist all over the world are looking for the best places all around to get those perfect summer pictures, and out of all these places the most favorite all around the world is beaches.

Go to any country, any city, any state in the world, you will find the greatest amount of tourists on the beach and if that beach has something unique about it, it’s an absolute bingo. As we all know usually the color of the sand in beaches all around is golden or brown, however there are some very special places where color of the sand on the beach is black.

Here is the list of top 10 best sand beaches in the world 2019.

10: Santo Domingo Beach – Albay

Santo Domingo Beach is located in Albay, Philippines. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in the Philippines but also in the world. The origin of this beach is very special and of particular interest to people as it was created by a volcanic eruption in the area of the beach. It is visited by people all over the world because of its beauty, the crystal clear blue water, the blue sky and the jet back sand in contrast. No doubt it is considered in the top 10 best black sand beaches in the world.


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09: Black Sands Beach – California

Black Sands Beach is an absolutely beautiful beach near the Shelter Cove Town in California. This beach is as absolute favorite for all the locals as well as for the tourists and whoever is visiting the area, an afternoon at the Black Sand Beach is a must. This beach stretched to a total of 3.5 miles. The unique feature of this beach is that the whole of the sand is covered by tiny small pebbles that are black in color, hence the name Black Sands Beach. What adds to the tourist attraction is the Offshore coral reefs nearby which are also visited by them.


08: Black Sand Beach – Alaska

The famous black sand beach located in Alaska is basically situated in such a way that it lies between the Gravina Point, The Judy Hills and the Blank Islands. This adds the value of the beach as is. An important thing about this beach is that due to the location, this Is not like the other beaches. This Black Sand Beach is very close to the glaciers nearby which makes it cold and chilly. However it can be visited in the summers. Another unique fact about this beach is that it is the perfect spot for the Sea Kayakers as the nearby mountains block the winds and facilitate them.


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07: Langkawi Island – Malaysia

The Langkawi Island that is situated in Malaysia is a very famous tourist spot that has particularly gained its popularity over the last few years, as more and more people have become aware about this place. What makes this place so beautiful is the breath taking combination of the white and the black sand that is seen here. Other than the sand the clear blue sky and crystal turquoise water make the perfect contrast to the sand and all in all makes a very mesmerizing view. This makes the Langkawi island one of the top 10 best black sand beaches in the world.


06: Point Venus – Tahiti

Point Venus is a very famous beach in Tahiti and one of the most popular ones as well. An important thing about this beach is that it was created by big volcanic eruptions years ago, and hence this explains the color of the black sand. Tahiti is often visited by the people from all over the world and everyone who visits this place also visits Point Venus. What interests the people even more are the various activities that can be enjoyed at this spot which include the diving and snorkeling facilities. Another thing about this island is that it contains a light house and a beautiful park which is also enjoyed by the tourists.


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05: Vik Beach – Iceland

Vik Beach which is located in Iceland, is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is absolutely loved the people everywhere. What makes this beach so unique is that is located below the beautiful and mighty Reynisfjall Mountains which are quite high up to a height of almost 340 meters. Vic Beach is known for its very clear water that appears almost white. And the contrast between the clear white water and the blackish brown sand below gives a beautiful picture all in all. This makes the Vic Beach one of the top 10 best black sand beaches in the world in 2018.


04: Punaluu Beach – Hawaii

Panaluu Beach is one of the best beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii is a very favourite tourist destination from people all over the world and everyone that visits Hawaii definitely visits Panaluu Beach as well. Hence it is also considered as one of the highlights of Hawaii. Panalu Beach like most other black sand beaches was also created by a volcanic eruption explaining the appearance and color of its sand. Some really unique animals can also be seen here which include the native Hawksbill turtles and the Green sea turtles as well. However one thing to keep in mind while visiting this beach is that it is very rocky, so probably not the best place for swimming.


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03: Kamari Beach – Greece

The Kamari beach is a famous beach in Greece that is located on the south east of Santorini. One of the reasons for this beach being so popular and well-liked by all is the organization of this beach. It is very well organized and one would find everything they are looking for right at this beach. There are also quite a few facilities available for the visitors to make their trip enjoyable and memorable. Due to the depth of the water it is also good for diving. Due to its good record it had also received the blue flag that is only given to the best beaches with the highest quality standards.


02: Lovina Beach – Bali

Lovina Beach is a beautiful beach that is located in North Bali, in the West side of Singaraja to be particular. Bali is a particularly popular spot often visited by the tourists and while ever visits Bali also visits the Lovina Beach. What is so lovable about this beach is its calm environment. One can just come here and relax away, even spend the day in the warm weathers like August. This definitely adds Lovina Beach in the top 10 best black sand beaches in the world as the black sand and the clear calm blue water make the perfect combination.


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01: El Bollullo Beach – Tenerife, Canary Islands

El Bullollo Beach that is located in Tenerife Island from the Canary Islands is without a doubt the best black sand beach in the world. What makes this beach so unique that unlike all the other beaches on this list this beach does not have many facilities or the luxuries that are usually provided to the tourists. However this beautifully breath taking beach has still accomplished in making a place in the hearts of every person that visits this place, mainly because of the awe worthy scene, the peaceful atmosphere and the jet black sand on the beach. With all this El Bullullo Beach is the topping the list.


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