Published On: Fri, Jun 21st, 2019

Bieber Calls Out Cruise

Caption: Does Justin Bieber have the wrong idea about his superpowers?

There’s nothing like the slow summer news cycle to produce crazy stories that no one could make up. But this year has raised the stakes with a celebrity story that utterly defies belief. The internet has brought us many fun things, from slot machine apps to social media, Angry Birds to cute, crazy cats, but few are quite as much fun as an online celebrity feud, and this one’s a classic!

Text Trash Talk

It all began in early June when a bored Justin Bieber decided to randomly challenge action superstar Tom Cruise to a UFC-style cage fightfor no apparent reason whatsoever. There is no bad blood or history between the two, yet completely out of the blue, Bieber took to Twitter to issue a challengethat was straight out of the schoolyard:“I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight your scared, and you will never live it down,”he wrote. He even tagged in UFC president Dana White, asking if he would put on the fight. White responded by offering his company’s services and even wanted to join the bill with his own fight against actor Mark Wahlberg.

Internet Frenzy

Naturally, the internet went into a frenzy at the prospect of this bizarre match-up, with many people pointing out the difference between the two men. While neither of them is particularly tall, with Biebermeasuring just 5ft 9in, and Cruise even shorter at just 5ft 7in, many acknowledged that Cruise definitely has the edge when it comes to physical capability.

Bieber is a slender, pampered pop star while Tom Cruisehas a reputation for doing as many of his own stunts as possible in his all-action “Mission: Impossible” movies.

Cruise famously injured himselfjumping between buildings in“Mission: Impossible – Fallout,” the sixth film of the series. In fact, he shattered his ankle in truly gruesome fashion by smashing into a wall. Still, such is his stamina and dedication, he completed the shot before going to the hospital, and the footage went on to be part of the finished film.

Caption: Taking on Tom Cruise could be a “Mission: Impossible” for Bieber.

BieberBacks Down

Given the harsh reality of his fantasy fight, it was no surprise that a few days after throwing down the gauntlet, Justin Bieber started to backtrack fast on his original tweet. After realizing the magnitude of what he had done, Bieber tried to laugh it off, telling TMZ that it was a joke: “It was just a random tweet; I do that stuff sometimes,’” he said. He went on to point out the huge difference between the two men, admitting that he was “really skinny right now” and that Tom Cruise would “whip my ass in a fight.” Even so, he couldn’t resist getting in a sneaky dig about Cruise’s age, saying that the 56-year-old had “that dad strength.”

It Still Might Happen

You might think that that was that. With Bieber backpedaling like crazy, and Tom Cruise keeping a dignified distance from it all, most people expected the whole thing to blow over like every other Twitterstorm, only for the next bit of summer silly season madness to replace it. However, White is not about to let it go that easily. “I’d be an idiot not to make this fight,” he told reporters recently. “It would be the easiest fight to promote in the history of my career.”

What’s more, White claims to have serious interest in the fight from what he calls “real people.” While refusing to say who had an interest in the contest, he claimed to have had phone calls from several people who believed Tom Cruise would take up the challenge. He said, “I told them that if that’s true — and everybody involved really wants to do it — we can talk,” starting another flurry of media interest in what most people thought was a dead story.

Who knows, we may yet end the summer with the ultimate celebrity match-up: music against movies. Youth against “dad strength.” Bieber against Cruise. Although it is hard to believe either man will risk their famous good looks to the no-holds-barred rules of UFC, they may yet reach a compromise that sees them go head-to-head in the boxing or wrestling ring. And that would send the internet into meltdown for sure.

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