Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018

Big Boss 12; this why Anushka Sharma is not going to promote her upcoming film Sui Dhaga along with co-star Varun Dhawan on the Salman Khan’s hit show

Nig Boss 12 is ready to make it on the TV screens on September 16th.  Show is not only renowned for its own fame but is famous among actors of Bollywood for their film promotions.

Bigg Boss 12 Here's why Anushka Sharma won't join Varun Dhawan to promote Sui Dhaaga on Salman Khan's show

We have seen many actors and actress making it on to the show and taking about their upcoming projects. People who do not have good relation with Salman have also made appearances or the sake of promotion.

However this time, Anushka Sharma is going to miss all this fun as only Varun Dhawan is promoting the upcoming film sui Dhaga on this show with Salman Khan. For those who are eager as to why Anushka is not making appearance; there is a perfectly suitable reason behind it.

According to the news from Pinkvalla, “Fans would have got  chance to see Anushka and Salman bringing the house together but unfortunately due to the shooting dates not making it fit into Anushka’s schedule, she is unable to make this reunion come true.

Anushka is preparing for a brand campaign shooting that is going to launch on September 21st, and this plan had been made three months ago. Brand is also not able to move this date ahead. Fans are disappointed as they are not going to see the Sultan and Arfa pair up on TV screen. If they both got this reunion, it would have been a blast of joy for audiences who have obviously come to love this duo from their last project”.

Well the truth is real that we are going to miss them both dearly.

Hover we are still sure of one thing that with Varun on show, I is going to be a fun filled episode with a complete laugh riot. He is the first celebrity this season promoting their film on Big Boss.


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