Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

California Shooting: Gunman Killed 4 People While Trying To Enter In Elementary School

At least four have dead in a gunfire shooting on Tuesday morning as the man opened the random fire on the public when gunman saw the difficulty to enter in the elementary school in the community of Northern California.


The gunman opened the fire on the people who were passing nearby randomly while authorities said that four have dead in the shooting.

The suspect started to shoot when he was unable to enter into the at tiny Rancho Tehama Elementary School while the area has covered by the security forces in Northern California community on early Tuesday morning.

When the gunfire started the all staff of the Rancho Tehama elementary school have frightened while they ran away out of classes.

The community has feared as four people have died in result of shooting randomly on the public and the gunman shoot a women who was driving a car toward school with her child and before classes set to begin, he has started the shoot.

According to Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston that shoot has begun before the classes were set to start while the staff members of tiny Rancho Tehama Elementary School come out quickly when they heard the sound of fires outside of the building and now the community has frightened.

Gunman started to firing in the school yard while all the doors were locked he shoot on the doors but all of them were secure.

One of the bathroom’s door was opened but no was there, he opened the fire on the walls, doors and on the windows but no student died.

The people who were killed were present outside of the school while no children were killed by him inside the school, according to police the gunman was killed by the security teams brutally.

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