Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2018

Canada Van Massacre Driver Accuse Of Murder, Most Of Victims Were Women

On Tuesday, a Canadian man who reported to be had a feeling of resentment against women was accused of massacre after purportedly plowing a white rented van onto a crowded Toronto sidewalk that left 10 people dead.


Nonetheless, latest incident is considered one of the most sorrowful and shocking in Canada’s history that shocked the country, said police, Alek Minassian who is 25-year-old.

Indentified before Monday’s massacre in Canada’s most populous city, also injured 14 people were also part of the crowd at Toronto sidewalk, while most of the victims are reported women.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said that the latest van incident in Toronto carried the hallmarks of those performed by truck-driving extremists in London, Nice and other cities, added saying that there is no visible link to national security.

According to Canadian authorities, the incident occurred at the busy lunch hour on Monday was certainly on purpose.

The case is being investigated by investigator Detective-Sergeant Graham Gibson, told a cryptic message was posted on Facebook by Minassian via his account just minutes before the deadliest incident.

Minassian praised a lot Elliot Rodger the 22-year-old American mass killer in his Facebook post, Elliot Rodger, who have killed six people and then himself in California in 2014, also had admitted frustration over his virginity and females rejecting him.

His post also indicated the Incel Rebellion, ‘incel’ is short for “involuntarily celibate”, frequently utilized in link with online groups of men who are known to rage against women.

However, Detective Gibson told that Minassian aim was to just attack mainly women those are mid-20s to 80s because he also hates those age leveled women.

Minassian also referred to himself a part of Canadian military via social media but Canada’s military spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande confirmed that he was elected after applying but left training after 16 days.

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