Published On: Sat, Jan 27th, 2018

Canadian Billionaire And Wife Were Murdered In Mansion As Police Confirmed

Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey who were dead in last year in their mansion while according to Tornado police that their death are under investigation under double homicide charge.


The couple Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were targeted in their mansion as police told while according to officer Susan Gomes who was investigating the case from six last weeks.

That they had been targeted as he told in a press conference on Friday about the investigation related to the double homicide.

According to the police officer that the billionaire couple were seen alive on Dec. 13, 2017 on the evening of Wednesday.

While the Tornado police found them hanging with the belts in the lower level of their home in suburban Toronto from a poolside railing on Dec 15 and they found no clues about the force entry in their home.

The deaths of Canadian citizens can be the double suicide, homicide-suicide or double homicide as police investigating the case in following these options and Homicide detective sergeant Susan Gomes reported on Friday in a press conference about the forward movement of their case.

Sergeant reported that police will continue to search the evidences related to the deaths of the billionaire and his wife in late year and they will use all their resources to get the mission on end point while Gomes said that the family of Sherman is cooperating with the police investigation team.

The Sherman family hired the private agency for the investigation on Saturday about the death of couple as according to their thinking that they were killed by some number of killers.

As Billionaire was hanged with belts in late last year and police went to the Sherman family home for more investigation on Friday.

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