Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

Casino Lingo: Basic Terms

People have been playing casino games as a pastime for many years. In its varied and impressive history, casinos have evolved and expanded, with the types of games offered growing every year. As the gambling industry continues to develop, so does its language. There are many jargons and terms being used today to describe betting types, casino games, and actions in the industry. The industry has seen significant growth. Today, you don’t have to visit a land-based casino to play your favorite casino games as you can find a wide range of them at online casinos.

If you are an enthusiastic gambler, then you need to be familiar with the basic terms used. However, those who are just starting out can easily be confused; therefore, it’s good to know these terms so that you can stay on top of your game. Here are the most common terms used at casinos:


This term refers to placing of bets in a game. It’s widely used in card games, with betting being referred to as the ‘action’ that players take to be in the game.


This casino term is used to describe the minimum amount of bet placed by players to start the game


The amount left after making deposits and wagering on games. It is the amount available in your account


The amount set aside by a player for wagering. The rule of thumb is to never go over your bankroll; otherwise, you may start chasing your losses and lose every single penny you have through gambling

Betting limit

A self-explanatory term used to describe the minimum and maximum limits a player can bet with.

Bonus feature

The bonus feature is usually activated when a player lands a certain number of symbols on a payline.

Collapsing reels

Also known as cascading reeds, collapsing reels is a feature in slots where symbols that land on a winning payline are replaced immediately by new symbols. New winning combinations can be created by replacement symbols which are in turn replaced by new symbols. This will continue until there’re no winning combinations


This refers to a refund in real cash or bonus money that you get from money lost in betting. Some casinos give back a certain percentage of your losses

Casino advantage

Also known as house edge, casino advantage refers to the edge the online casino has over the players on its site


A representative of the casino who is tasked with managing a table game


Edge, also known as houseadvantage or edge, refer to odds that favor the casino

Free Spins

These are spins that are offered free of charge. They are offered either by the casino as a promotion or activated for a bonus round in slots. A lot of sites, like this one, lists other casinos free spins as advertisement.


A set of cards in the possession of a player during a round used in table games

High roller

A gambler that makes large bets

Inside bets

This refers to a bet placed on the inside numbers in Roulette


A jackpot is the cumulative prize that keeps increasing each time a player plays the jackpot game. It increases up to a certain point and drops. The same process starts again.


This term refers to the symbols that have a lucrative value used to multiply winnings


This refers to the chances of winning a bet. Winnings can be calculated by multiplying the odds with the amount of bet


This term describes the arrangement of symbols on reels usually read from left to right. When playing games at an online casino, you wager on a couple of paylines. If the symbols fall on the payline you are betting on, you win.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

An RNG is a tool used by online casino games to determine the winning and losing combinations that lead to the outcome of the game.


Roulette is a table game where players bet on a number on the roulette wheel. The ball is then spun on the wheel, and where it lands determines whether you win or not. The player is required to predict where the ball will land on the wheel


Slots is an online version of classic slot machines. Players have to spin the reels and line up the symbols to get a payout


This refers to the request from a player to withdraw money from his account

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