Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Catholic Portugal Festival Incident: Free Falling Trees Killed 13 On Portuguese Island Of Madeira

Catholic Portugal Festival Incident

In Madeira during a religious festival almost 13 has killed and dozens are injured on Tuesday when a big tree fall on them on the Portuguese island and tree was 200 year old which fell over the people at Christian festival.




During a Christian festival on the Portuguese island, a massive tree has crushed thirteen people while according to initial reports of doctor 49 are injured, people are terrified now due to incident.

The 200 year old tree fell on the people at a religious ceremony on Tuesday in a island of Madeira and it is one of the famous festivals.

The tree falling incident took place on Tuesday when a large number of people were enjoying their religious ceremony.

It is considered as most shocking incident for the people of the country that according to religious leaders people met with God at a Christian festival which belongs to their religion and region of the Island decided to mourn for three days.

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa described his pain that he is with the families of effected people.

He visited the festival area where about thirteen people have dead, he said to reporters that all the people of the country is sharing the pain of the people who have lost their loved ones.

Madeira is an Island state which is known for its natural beauty, it is a place which is the cause of the attraction of European tourists and it is known as most famous place of the region at which on Tuesday many people have lost their lives in a tragedy.

Due to free falling tree that was about 200 years old, 13 people have killed in a religious ceremony while according to reports 49 are injured and disaster took place on Tuesday.

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