Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

DNA On A Discarded Napkin Helps Crack A Cold Case Of First Degree Rape And Murder Of Michella Welch

DNA found on a discarded restaurant napkin helped crack a cold case of rape and murder of Michella Welch, then a 12-year-old girl living in Tacoma. More than three decades after the horrifying incident, the criminal Gary Hartman has been charged with first degree rape and murder following his arrest, on June, 20th.


According to the reports, advances in DNA technology and computer modelling helped detectives in identifying the culprit of Michella Welch Murder Case, which dates back to 1986. On March, 26th a 12-year-old Michella went to Puget Park to play, along with her two younger sisters.

At around 11 am, Michelle went back to their house to grab lunch, while her sisters played in the park. When Michella didn’t return even after 2 pm, her sisters began to worry and told their parents, who then reported it to the police.

An immediate search was issued, soon after her body was found by a search dog. It was later reported that the 12-year-old was brutally raped and killed from blunt force trauma to the head.

The only evidence was the unknown DNA recovered from the crime scene however, it did not match anyone in the criminal database and hence, the case turned cold.

In 2006, detectives worked with genealogists and made a criminal profile by tracking down the suspect’s family tree. After twelve years, the police narrowed down their search to two brothers living in the same area in 1986.

On June, 4th detectives from the Tacoma Police Department began tailing Gary Hartman, the prime suspect in the Michella Welch Murder Case, leading to his arrest on June, 5th.

After investigation, the suspect admitted to his crimes and was charged with first degree rape and murder. Michelle’s family is as happy on receiving the news as they are heartbroken. Happy because of the justice received and heartbroken because the wound of her lose has been renewed.

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