Published On: Wed, Apr 4th, 2018

Donald Trump Requires US Military To Secure Border

The United States president Donald Trump got upset by considering slow procedure on a major campaign promise, said on Tuesday, needs US army to keep secure the US-Mexico border till end of promised border wall‘s making.


Trump addressed media saying he has been consulting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the idea to use US troops in construction of the border wall.

He also added that some militarily things would be part of the strategy which its ruling about to apply, though without proper security, end of construction is not possible.

The US president also said that he is going to be protecting their border with the troops calling the move a “big step.” However, we haven’t attained yet when the suggestion would work or what kind of security strategy Mr.

Trump wants to apply, but it is also heard from White House, US president desired to activate the National Guard.

On the other hand, Federal law disallows the use of active-duty service members for security forces inside the America, unless purposely approved by Congress.

The United States presidents have sent National Guard troops to the border when it considers the past 12 years, aiming to enhance security and help with other support and supervision.

A senior official from the office of the White House counsel told media at a condition his name not to be revealed, office has been working on the suggestion is given by the Donald Trump for a number of weeks.

The lack of progress on construction has made angry Trump, as the project carries signature promise of his campaign “big, beautiful wall” together with border of the Mexico.

Trump has previously advised to use the budget of Pentagon to sponsor construction of the wall, saying it is a state security main concern.

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