Published On: Fri, Feb 2nd, 2018

Due To Driver’s smoking Van Crashed In Shanghai After Fire, Police Says

Due to smoking of the Van driver, fire raised while there were canisters of petrol in minivan, at least 18 people are hospitalized on Friday including many pedestrians and van crashed in Shanghai due to fire and no one is dead.


At least eighteen people are injured on a sidewalk outside a Starbucks in Shanghai on Friday while police reported that due to driver’s smoking in minivan the fire took the whole van in hands.

It results in crash while no death is confirmed by the hospital, this accident took place before 9 a.m. on Nanjing Road West.

According to the police officials that 40-year-old man surnamed Chen was driving the car while he is working for a metalware company in Shanghai.

It is confirmed from police data that his history has no any criminal record while on Friday he has lost his control and the minivan was on the road where at least 17 pedestrians are injured.

Due to out of control van, he took the van on the sidewalks where many pedestrians were walking while seventeen people injured including him.

All the people are transferred to the hospital and according to the hospital reports that all of them are out of danger while on other side it is reported by witnesses that there were fuel canisters in the van during crash.

It is reported by police that the driver was in suspect of illegally transporting dangerous substances, when he was smoking in van.

The fire raised more due to the fuel canisters inside and when he lost his control the van ran over the sidewalks which resulted in at least 18 injured and no one is in serious condition as all are injured people are hospitalized.

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