Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

During Mike Pence’s Visit To The Western Wall in Jerusalem, A Women Journalists Blocked Behind Wall

During the visit of Vice President Pence to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, many men were photographing while some female were kept on aside during his visit and this has gone viral on social media because of gender inequality issue.


Again Gender discrimination issue has been raised by Social media when a female Journalist was kept aside during photographing of Vice President at the Jewish prayer site,

She was behind the male colleagues while in search of getting a good view of Mike Pence during his visit in Western wall in Jerusalem.

According to a journalist that Tal Schneider took all photos but kept aside while his photos have the shoulders of men in there at that spot because she was kept behind the male colleagues and she did not find any suitable location to get the better view of the Pence during his visit at western wall and when he was touching the wall with his hand.

The American photograph reported after the visit of Vice President Mike in Jerusalem that women are like the second class citizens of the society because they are kept behind the males during work.

She did not capture the better photos of the Pence during his visit as the male were front of her where she was unable to get any better view.

At work place, the female photographer faced the gender segregation, at the point of Western Wall which is considered as one of the holiest place in Jerusalem of Judaism.

The female worker was unable to do her duty in well way when the vice president Mike Pence visited the place, her photos have the shoulders of men and now this issue has gone viral on social media.

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