Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

Film “Padmavati” Controversy, Title Change To “Padmavat” And Announce The Actual Date Release

The most controversial movie of the year 2017 “padmavati” is now change into “Padmavat” and announced the releasing date on 25 January 2018.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali film “Padmavati” who could be released on 8 December 2017 but because of Krishna Senna controversy and non-clearance CBFC certificate the makers of the film postponed its releasing date and now they announced Padmavati releasing date which is 9 of February 2018.

The most controversial movie of the year 2017 ‘Padmavati ‘starring Deepak Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. This movie is still banned in 5 states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

While their government said that if the movie got its CBFC ( censor board of film certificate) this movie will not be on-screening in their states by which the makers of the film can now earned the half of their possible income.

The upcoming film of sanjay leela bhansali is padmavati is now change into Padmavat and finally announced the releasing date of PADMAVAT on January 25 is ready to sit the screen.

This banned film is finally cleared to the censor board with 200 cuts and including the title because according to the minister of Rajasthan, he was not agree with the releasing of Padmavat in Rajasthan and will not be screened in any cinema hall in Rajasthan.

Although the budget of the movie is 1080 crore which means they have to cross 300 crore to make this movie blockbuster hit, even though they sell their music and satellite rights in 80 crore and theatrical rights in 110 crore.

Padmavati gonna be clash to another movie of Anushka Sharma “Pari.” Now we can see Padmavati made a toughest competition but still we find some confusing situations regarding its releasing date.

Meanwhile the makers of Padmavat is unlikely to wait much longer for theatrical release after the changes are incorporated. While Padmavat team itself want some more time to market the film in a positive light.

A big film would need a two to three week window at the box office so it would make a sense that Padmavat release by 25-january-2018. Padmavat is basically based on the epic poem “Padma vat” (1540) by Malik Muhammad jayasi.

The story of Padmavati narrated the legendary Rajput Queen who committed “JAUHAR” to protect herself from ruthless Muslim king. Padmavati is one of the expensive Indian film ever made by Sanjey Leela Bhansali.

Mr. Gupta said he would be able to give his opinion on the period drama after watching the movie and would judge it on the basis of historical facts.

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