Published On: Sat, Jul 7th, 2018

Firework Blast Results In At Least 24 Deaths In Mexico

Last Thursday, an explosion caused by fireworks resulted in nearly 50 casualties with 24 dead and the rest injured with varying degrees of burns in Tultepec town of Mexico, which is well-known for its bloody history of firework blasts.


The fire started when a firework accidentally went off in one of the numerous factories in the market. After the initial explosion, about four more occurred as the firefighters and police officers were busy rescuing the workers inside the factory.

According to reports, 4 firefighters as well as two police officers were also included in the list of casualties.

The accident happened in the morning when people were busy working in their respective factories, in the town of Tultepec which can also called the Mecca of fireworks and is the largest firework production market in the country.

About 80% of all the fireworks used in the country throughout the year are produced in this market. Fireworks, being an essential part of the holidays and religious celebrations in Latin America and Mexico, it is obvious why such a large number of fireworks production factories were located in the same area.

The government expressed regret and sympathy for the lose and also showed their condolences to the bereaved families.

Although, the authorities proclaimed the marketto be the safest in the country and took pride in thefact,Tultepec, stillstays the town with a history of the deadliest fire explosionsever.

Just last month, 7 people reportedly died in firework explosion in the same market and at least 42 were killed with a dozen injured in 2016.

The market saw similar incidents in 2005 as well as 2006. After such a large number of victims, the government announced its resolve to review the safety measures of the market and also redefine the terms of the legal license for fireworks production.

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