Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Five Suspects Killed By Spanish Police In A Resort Who Are Involved In Barcelona Attack

One of the top tourist destinations in Europe has shuttered due to a van crashed in the town of Cambrils which has killed 13 people on August 17 and now Spanish police has killed fives suspected terrorists in a town resort after the second attack on morning in Barcelona.


According to reports, a car crushed the 13 people who have dead on Tuesday while dozens are injured now, a van hit the one of the most famous places for tourists Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

It is reported that Spanish police has killed the five suspects and they were found with wearing suicide jackets outside of city after the several hour of van attack.

La Rambla is known as most popular street for the tourists in all over the world, it is situated in central of Barcelona in Spain, most popular thing that is the cause of its popularity is its pedestrian mall which has a long 1.2 kilometers long line of trees, cafes and souvenir kiosks increases its charm and now it is ranked as most popular tourist place.

On Thursday a white delivery van hit the crowd on most popular street where a large number of people were present.

According to reports 13 civilians have dead while dozens are hurt in the accident and this attack was claimed by Islamist group which is a one of the biggest terrorist group in the world.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called it as a jihadist attack, according to PM of country that these killings are carried out by Islamic state.

After the few hours of this attack, the police of Spain have shot dead the five suspects terrorist who are found with explosive jackets in Spanish resort on Friday after the second attack.

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