Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

Fixes And Updates In IOS 12 Beta 4 For iPhones And iPads

Some modifications have been made in Apple’s Beta 4 for iOS. AppleInsider made some digging in the changes and lifted the curtain from some of them.


Various updates have been disclosed, some more distinguished than the others. A number of visual adjustments have been made. The most obvious one is the addition of various animated Activity stickers in the Messenger application.

Firstly, one came up in beta 3 but this time we have even more of them. Scrolling of screen is enhanced with more rapidity which is a total comfort for the users.

The Control Center is now more rebounding. Memoji will be having some new choices for lips and Workouts has new icons.

As always, a large number of bug fixes from previous betas have been made, which include adjusting and setting a wallpaper display from pictures and the return of Safari Private browsing mode which was not seen is some previous betas.

Sad to say, but new betas come with new bugs. Siri Shortcuts may have some problems, particularly when used along HomePod.

Wallet may unexpectedly collapse in the new beta as well. Certainly, these problems and bugs will be managed before the unveiling of iOS 12 this fall.

Users of the first three betas were not able to play Fortnite game. The game was downloaded without any problem and the players were also able to navigate the menus but soon after that, the game would crash completely.

This issue is also solved in beta 4. First three beta users were also unable to download movies and TV programs from Netflix. This issue of downloading has also been fixed in the new software.

Apple authorities have also warned iPod and iPhone users not to download beta releases on their everyday-use devices because they’re always accompanied by bugs that might collapse their favorite applications. Apple has prohibited the users until the bugs are fixed completely.

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