Published On: Tue, Jul 17th, 2018

Football World Cup 2018; France’s Glorious Victory Celebrated By Tons Worldwide

Planetary celebrations continue as masses all around the world celebrate with France, its momentous second World Cup victory.


In a breathtaking final, the French team overcame the Croats 4-2 and grabbed their second FIFA World Cup trophy. France was an all-time favorite even before the World Cup matches started.

It surfaced in Group C with Australia, Peru and Denmark and won the group. In semi-final, France defeated Belgium and reached the final to face Croatia.

It then defeated Croatia with 4-2 to win their second World Cup final, which is the highest-scoring final since 1966.

French, all over the world burst with celebrations. Over joyous fans all around the globe feted the glorious victory.

Fans in America celebrated also as the victory was marked with bars overflowing with masses, captured virally of course on social media. Big TV screens showed the glorious triumph.

Even the losers were in good spirits. Eric Explores from New York tweeted that it won’t hinder in the way of their partying.

Almost all the cities of France, especially Paris, erupted with celebrations after the national team’s astounding win. In Paris, the Champs-Elysees was flooded by thousands of French fans on Sunday to enjoy and celebrate with cheers and singing.

The victory was also marked with the power and strength of soccer to bring a tense nation together. Also, in Moscow, the celebrations were not less as fans floated the streets with car horns honking and the tri-colored flags streaming everywhere.

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Russia to watch the game live and celebrated the win along with the team in Moscow. He watched the game in the VIP lounge where Russian president and Croatia’s president were also present.

According to the authorities, Macron will formally welcome the victorious team on 16th of July at Elysee Palace, Paris. An official victory parade on an open top bus is also planned.

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