Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

Former South Korean Chief Reveals Threat About Removal Of Kim Jong UN

The Ex south Korean general said in a interview that there are chances of removing the supreme leader Kim Jong UN from power and he issued a warning to West about the removal of North Korean leader.


The three star general, Chun In-Bum who retired about 18 months ago; he gave a warning to North Korea that senior officials are planning about the removal of supreme leader Kim Jong UN.

Because they have tired from his policies and this time South along North Korea is busy in the Winter Olympic Games in Seoul.

Retired chief spent about 40 years in South Korean military while he was also awarded by American President Donald Trump as he helped US to understand North Korea.

That America is serious about the issues and now he claimed for thrilling news which has gone viral by arising many questions in region.

In a interview to a news agency, the Lieutenant-General Chun told that there are chances about the removal of the North Korean leader.

While it is very difficult to complete the task because their people are brainwashed in such a way that they will never accept the stepping down from power of Kim Jong UN.

He further spoke that the Kim UN’s regime is very difficult to change as he resembled him with God and claimed that he is like God while to get rid from him it is a difficult task.

This is because of that dictatorships are paranoid and he warned west that removal of Kim would be unacceptable for his public.

Ex chief called the people of North Korea brainwashed because people are seeing his regime as demigods while this is the reason that people would resist against the change of power.

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