Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Generosity of Taylor Swift: offered free tickets to firefighters and police after Officer’s death

Taylor Swift appreciated law enforcement by offering hundred of free tickets to firefighters, police officers and their families to her concert. This concert was held on Thursday night at Gillette Stadium.

Generosity of Taylor Swift: offered free tickets to firefighters and police after Officer’s death

Sgt. Michael Chesna¸ a police officer who lost his life while offering his duty on 15th July. He was killed along with 77 years old widow (Vera Adams). Vera Adams was sitting in her home’s sunroom when she died as result of shooting.

Robert Hendlund, Mayor of Weymouth said that Taylor Swift has gifted hundred of tickets to the town for police officers and firefighters. These tickets were also for those who are in Hingham and Quincy.

Hendlund further added that,

“My understanding is that they did it low-key and weren’t looking for publicity,”

“There were enough to send every police officer, firefighter and extended family to the concert, and then some.”

Mayor thanked Taylor Swift for her generosity on behalf of town.  Hendlund said that,

“The gesture was absolutely generous, significant and appreciated,”

Taylor Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine did not comment regarding Taylor Swift’s donation. This is clear that it was not a publicity act, generosity act indeed. Taylor Swift for her “Reputation Stadium tour” will perform at Gillette Stadium from Thursday to Saturday.

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift did something special.She has always been there for her fans. She donated $1989 to her fan to pay her student loan.

She always invites her super fans to her shows and not only this she takes selfies with them. She always does special things for her fans like she flew for bridal shower of her fan to Ohio.

She invited fans to her home too to make them listen to her new album. She once took photo with her fan in New York and then offered $90 for Chipotle.

Taylor Swift is quite impressive in her style as well as for her generosity.


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