Published On: Tue, Nov 28th, 2017

Harvey Weinstein And Weinstein Co. Sued By Actress Under A Sex Trafficking Statute

Under a sex trafficking statue, another lawsuit case filed by an actress against Harvey Weinstein and Weinstein Co. according to her that she was sexually assaulted in 2014 and now on Monday Harvey has resigned from the Directors Guild of America.


Against the disgraced producer, the new lawsuit has been filed on Monday by an Hollywood actress in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

She told that in 2014 she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in France and according to her that he violated U.S. sex trafficking laws before three months ago of annual Cannes Film festival.

The new sexual lawsuits are surrounding the former film executive Harvey Weinstein as British model and actress has filed a new case.

Weinstein is a film producer and now his future is in danger as many cases have been filed against him by different women.

The actress Kadian Noble is 31 years old who claimed that in 2014 for a role in film Harvey violated the United States sexual laws.

He filed a case against him in New York on Monday and Harvey along his company Weinstein co. is named in this case.

She told to media that Weinstein attacked on her in France in a hotel room in order to give a role in film in 2014 but now the representative of Harvey spoke that all these allegations are wrong because MR. Weinstein never did some action like this.

Actress further told on Monday that she received messages from Harvey in 2014 before Cannes film festival that they would work together if she did all things as he will tell to her and now in New York she demands the trial against him under United States a federal sex trafficking statute.


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