Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Himalayas Conflict: Himalayas Situation Gets Serious Between China And India

Indian military forces against China is ready for a war, there is a clash between two powerful countries from a long time for a piece of land Himalayas and the clash is moving towards serious situation as China as well India has put more troops across the border.



The two Asian countries are now going closely to war as they are putting more troops on the borders, China has conducted a missile attack on an Indian military place due to which several have died.

But now situation is going towards destruction and now China has warned the Indian government that they will take their place in any cost.

India is known as one of the most powerful countries in the world, it is a developing country, government spends its a lot of budget for military basis.

Many of times the country tried for a war with its neighbor countries like Pakistan and China while now Asian countries are increasing the tensions as India’s clashes with China have gone into critical situation which will lead towards war head.

The Doklam area was claimed by Bhutan as well as by Chinese government, it is a main cause of conflict, India is providing aid to Bhutan for only its own geographical purpose but now China has said that they will take their place on at any cost.

He situation got the serious shape when China started to build road in Himalayas, India has tried its best to take the place, for this purpose Indian government is now in full mood of war so they deployed the more troops on eastern china border.

On other side Chinese is ready to give response and according to a New Delhi Chinese forces are trying to enter in their regions like Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir state which is a more critical step.

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