Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2017

Historic Papal Mass In Mainly Buddhist Myanmar Holds By The Pope Francis

About 150,000 worshipers gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, Pope Francis spoke with the historical papal mass on Wednesday that Catholics of country should adopt the forgiveness and compassion in order to respond the hatred as well as rejection.


Francis visited the Buddhist southeast country, first time ever any pope came to any Asian country, he visited for to deal with the crisis that is related to killing the Muslim people in northern Rakhine State in Myanmar.

And it is noted that thousands of people have been fled to neighbor countries in order to save their lives.

He addressed the historical Papal mass in Myanmar that many of the residents have been affecting from the violence as some bear the wounds of that situation visible while some of them faced invisible wounds because they hurt due to their cleansing faith situation.

He further said that revenge and anger are the situations which people think that they may be healed but that is not true because according to pope that Jesus God did not choose the way of revenge.

During the address of Francis the sun was shining, there was a huge crowd with the national flags.

Pope passed through them and he was in front of the huge mass at the Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon to speak about the peace.

Pope Francis said that many of the people in the gathering may come from the long distance areas even from the mountain areas.

Some came on the foot to listen him and he further said that he is here to give some lessons about the hope and consolation.

During his visit, Francis met with the supreme leader of Myanmar as well as with the army chief to discuss about the issues and it is hoped that peace will be soon in country.

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