Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2019

Holiday Cottages: The Rise of Traveling to the Countryside

Why are people ditching the city lights for the softer glow of the countryside?

So many of us spend most of our lives in the exciting hustle and bustle of the big city. Between our jobs, friends, and family members, huge amounts of our time are spent in more urban areas. So it makes sense that we are looking for getaways that well – get us away from all of that.

More and more people are beginning to stray away from the pull of iconic urban areas and look for a more relaxing and secluded venue for our holiday time. Which has given a sharp rise in the demand for holiday cottages.

Holiday homes, holiday cottages, home lets… There are any number of terms for these incredible, money saving accommodations. Holiday cottages offer groups, families and couples the ability to take back their holidays and enjoy them as they see fit. No schedules, no restrictions. Just living like a local!

How do holiday cottages Work?

Holiday cottages are essentially self-catering accommodation. Holiday cottages come with a range of different amenities, but most provide all of the creature comforts of home, while you’re out experiencing somewhere entirely new. Making unfamiliar places much more recognizable.

“It’s a home away from home, which seems to be what people are increasingly looking for” says one spokesperson for Estuary Cottages, a holiday cottages provider based in Fowey. Fowey is a small town in Cornwall, Southwest England. The cottages of Cornwall elegantly dot the lines of the lazily beautiful estuary, giving a serene and peaceful view of the waterway. While the town is small and rather quiet, cottage owners have said they have seen a massive boom in interest.

Changing the Way We Take Holidays

“I think people are looking for a more natural experience” says the spokesperson. The numbers tend to agree. Holiday excursions are now catering to a more nature driven crowd. As the days of resort driven package holidays begin to evaporate, small towns like this prepare to extend their own brand of hospitality. “It’s much more comfortable to stay in a holiday cottage. You can cook what you like, when you like. You don’t have anyone to bother you throughout your stay. Many hosts are happy to supply lists of local attractions or suggestions, but essentially it keeps your holiday from becoming rigid and stressful.”

Holiday goers the world over have sparked a trend in travel. Instead of wanting to experience “touristy” excursions, like guided tours or over crowded theme parks, the new holiday is spent relaxing and appreciating a culture. Finding ways to connect not only to the scenery, but with the people who live these lives daily. In the same way that craft beer and Whole Foods pop ups have become a popular way to adventurously eat and drink our normal comforts in new and exciting ways – holiday cottages offer us the same dependable familiarity, with a twist that we don’t normally get in our daily lives. Something homey, warm, and painstakingly created.

Why Change?

The word “holiday” in and of itself lends a sense of something unusual. A break for the normal grind of everyday life. “People will always be looking for that reprieve. Where a holiday for a high-powered attorney will look wildly different from that of a rural farmer, holiday accommodations must reflect these very individual desires.” Says L. Hubard, an accommodations market analyst. “We’ve seen a jump in these self-catering accommodations because of a number of reasons, but among those is the overall affordability.” Hubard says that most people are unable to afford the a la carte vacations of the past: where you would book a lavish hotel and add on different tours and excursions at extra cost. “While people still seem to be seeking luxury in their holiday accommodations, the idea of luxury seems to be changing.”

People are gravitating towards more home centered holiday lets, because in their daily lives they are now working more than ever. Holidays that provide them with a calm space that they can enjoy, cook their meals, and spend quality time with friends and family independent of their surroundings are in demand. Giving the holiday goers the option to interact with their surroundings or stay in and create a more intimate interaction with those closest to them.

“So many people are bombarded daily with city life and all of the kitschy attractions that go along with it. Currently, most of us find novelty in more provincial lifestyles and attractions. Where we can eat at fancy restaurants or catch a West End production any day of the week- going horseback riding or taking a kayak trip around an estuary is something that we don’t often get to enjoy.” Which is bringing more and more people to come to seek out and enjoy the countryside of life.

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