Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2019

How Technology Improves Our Relationship with Our Pets

It’s a well-known fact that technology improves lives, from medical advancements to navigational devices. Did you know it can also improve your relationship with your dog? This is especially true when you have a dog that barks or jumps up on people. Rather than struggling to manage the problem, you can safely and responsibly utilize a training tool such as a dog shock collar and help curb the problem today.

You can purchase a safe shock collar that provides a static signal to your pet to stop barking if that is the problem you face. For dogs that are having trouble getting the message, an e-collar or electric collar can be used to send a signal from a remote device to dissuade unwanted behaviors.

You’ll find technological devices that provide more than just a training tool. If you have multiple pets, you can have feeders that link to each specific pet’s food bowl, preventing one dog or cat from gorging on the other’s food. Different food dispensers allow you to program how much your fur baby should get and how frequently, which gives you one less thing to think about in your busy day and helps provide calorie regulation.

You can also have a doggie door that responds to your dog’s collar. Your dog can go in and out while you’re gone, giving them plenty of activity and enrichment. Meanwhile, the collar keeps your property safe, preventing other animals such as raccoons from entering your house through the doggie door.

Another way that technology can enhance your relationship with your pet is by using a device such as a Treat cam, where you can see your pet and chat with them by utilizing an app on your phone. These devices allow you to check on your critters, while letting them know you’re thinking about them, too. Several allow you to dispense treats when you check on them, giving them a little reward for being good while you’re away.

These camera devices can be used when you’re in your office building or even states away, helping to connect you to your fur babies. Some even let you play with your dog or cat while you are not in the house, such as the Petcube Camera.

Other toys provide the ability to play with your dog or cat remotely. Some of these interactive toys will move when you operate them via an app. Certain toys have the capability to use laser pointers for your pet to play with. Still, others will dispense toys or treats for your pet to eat or play with, providing enrichment to what might otherwise be a boring day.

Modern technology has also given us the equivalent of doggie fitness trackers. One such tracker, the Whistle, is a GPS tracking device, so you’re able to know if your pet gets out, and have an idea of where they might be. It also allows you to track their sleep and activity patterns, which can help you get them fit and keep them that way.

If you have cats, don’t worry – there are technological advancements to benefit you, too. You can get a Litter Robot, which means that you don’t have to clean the litter pan. Instead, the machine separates clean litter from waste materials, eliminating a chore where you have to get rid of your kitty’s eliminations.

If you’re interested in technology, why not get your dog a smart bed? The Petrics Smart Bed can actually help your pet live a longer and healthier life. It includes an activity tracker so you can measure your pet’s activity levels. It monitors periods of rest, and it also tracks your critter’s weight, which helps you keep a handle on them being overweight or not.

Other categories of tech advancements involve safety. LED leashes, such as the Nitey Leash, allow your dog to be more visible when out for a walk. The leash is completely illuminated, allowing passersby to see you and your pup more clearly. This allows your evening or early morning walks to be safer because traffic can see you coming.

No matter what you need for your pet, there’s likely a high-tech advancement that could help you with your wants or needs. Many of these sync up with an app so you can keep track of your pet’s activity levels just like you can keep track of their health records via many veterinary clinic apps or websites. It can improve your relationship with your dog or cat and give you many healthy years together.

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