Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Huawei Teases Sneak Peak At Honor Note 10 With Kirin 970, AMOLED Display And More

After the success of Huawei Honor Note 9, many of us were wondering what innovative features the next model in the series will show. So, yesterday Huawei posted online, giving sneak peaks at some of the major features in Honor Note 10, which is speculated to be released soon.


The upcoming Huawei Honor Note 10 is sleeker than ever in looks, with thin side bezels which were probably pushed back to increase the screen size.

Although, there is no information in which colors the latest model from Huawei will be available in, the standard black and silver are confirmed.

Moreover, Huawei has been including rose gold in its models, which has become an instant success with the ladies and is expected to make a comeback with Huawei Honor Note 10 too.

It would be disappointing if the latest Huawei phone did not satisfy users in the looks field. However, keeping in view the previous Honor Notes, good looks are to be expected.

Not to mention the 6.9 inch screen and 1440 pixels AMOLED display, which is sure to provide ahigh-quality userexperience.

The operating system (OS) of Huawei Honor Note 10 will run on the recently launched Android 8.1 Oreo update.

In addition to a 6 GB RAM, it also features an internal storage of a whopping 128 GB. You can extend the storage even more by adding micro SD cards in the card slot.

A massive battery of 6000mAh ensures that you will never have to recharge your phone twice a day and can last up to 42 hours without refilling juice.

Huawei Honor Note 10 also has fingerprint sensor at the back, increasing your phone’s security as well as face detection features to make the security top-notch.

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