Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2018

Imran Khan Third Marriage Was A Rumor? Imran and Party Denies The Reports

PTI chairman Imran Khan denies the rumor reports related to his third marriage. He said that “he just proposed Bushra Maneka; it could be his third marriage only when she accept the proposal.”


While he also added that he should report Geo News TV for spreading false statements without even knowing the truth.

He said that, “he was regrettable and sad that besides pointing on the main issues of Pakistan people just focusing on his personal life, which is very disturbing for the children of both families. There are even more serious problems in Pakistan, my personal life is not that important to talk about.”

As we know that this news of Imran khan’s third marriage took place all over the social media in which we have been seen that “Imran khan’s third Nikkah was held on 1-January-2018 with Bushra Maneka, a divorcee and a spiritual healer.

Whom he met almost 2 years ago and this meeting was ended on marriage” which is all FALSE. Imran Khan did not go for his third marriage. While Bushra Maneka‘s ex-husband talked to media and said that “Bushra Maneka is a genuine lady and no one have rights to talk about her personal life”.

Report coming out of PTI chairman Imran Khan that, “he just gave a proposal to her and she wants some time for discussing this matter with her children and family”.

Imran Khan denies that his third marriage news was all FAKE and if he goes for third marriage than he would definitely make an announcement to media but for now this news of his third marriage is all FAKE and he further said that “I would request to people that stop focusing on those useless issues which does not concern to give benefit to Pakistan.”

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