Published On: Tue, Jul 3rd, 2018

Incredibles 2 Continues Wining Streak At Global Box Office

According to statistics, Incredibles 2 surpassed the original movie of the same name by 13 million dollars at the global box office. The film managed to earn a total of $646 millions as the second week came to an end but the earnings are still expected to continue.

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Released in 2004, the first part of the Incredibles received an enthusiastic receptions and a huge number of viewers took to the theaters to watch the movie but still the lifetime earnings of the Incredibles stopped at $633 millions.

Moreover, even after much speculations and rumors, the fans did not get a sequel until after more than a decade has passed. Now, about 14 years after the original movie, Incredible 2 has finally hit the cinemas.

Although, a good number of critics had reservations about the success and reception of the Incredibles 2,the fans did not disappoint.

Following its release in June, the film has achieved domestic as well as international success. It has not only collected $646 millions on global box office but has also been labeled the largest Thursday night earnings for an animated movie, the title previously held by Pixar’s Finding Dory.

Speaking of Titles, Incredibles 2 has also become the fifth biggest superhero movie, falling short of Avengers and Black Panther.

Directed by Brad Bird, the same director as the original film and majority of the same cast as well, the Incredibles 2 tells the story of a superhero family of four, parents and two kids who are blessed with individual superpower unique only to them.

In a society where superpowers’ are frowned upon, the special family seeks to make people understand and accept them by changing their views on the matter. In the meantime, they have a new villain to fight and look out for.

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