Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2018

Indian Authorities Confirm 39 Workers’ Deaths Kidnapped In Iraq

Indian foreign minister told media on Tuesday, the Islamic State group had kidnapped 39 Indian construction workers in 2014, have discovered dead in a mass grave in Badush’s village located at northwest of the city of Mosul.


Sushma Swaraj also explained the upper house of parliament by confirming deaths of the workers killed brutally by one of the most dangerous militant organizations in Middle East, while DNA testing was occurred by a local organization.

Swaraj added the group told them 38 samples had matched, although 39th had a limited match as he didn’t comprise any instant family.  Nevertheless, the Islamist fighters from Islamic State kidnapped these Indian construction workers in June 2014 when they have taken complete control of huge locations of territory in Mosul, Iraq.

On other side, Indian authorities had been insisted that those construction workers are still alive, although some latest accounts consists of huge criticism from families of the victims, sparked the point.

Nonetheless, those left dead badly by Islamist fighters have bloodlines from poor families in India’s northern state of Punjab, though they left Indian to earn money by working with a construction company in Mosul but unfortunately abducted. Islamic State brought these 39 Indians from Mosul to Badush to slay without having any sin or any bad act.

Vijay Kumar Singh, Indian junior foreign minister went Badush along with Iraqi government officials, there someone asked them to examine a mass grave in the village, Swaraj further mentioned.

Swaraj also told that Iraqi locals told junior foreign minister that the militants had buried a number of people in a mass grave, hence they all went there and with the help of Iraqi officials who used a deep penetration radar, discovered dead bodies are under the surface.

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